HeavenWorld church is a Local Assembly with a Global Vision. We have a mandate from God to reach out to the whole world with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus.

We believe that the ernest expectation of nations are waiting for our manifestation and the demonstration of the gospel of grace with signs and wonders.

If you must be an effective member of HeavenWorld church you must have a global mindset.



To establish the kingdom of heaven in the heart of all people, training them to have the mind of Christ, that they may reign as priest in his church and as kings in their world. Rev 5:9-10.

The Bible clearly states that we are Kings and priest. As priest we influence lives positively for the kingdom of God and serve effectively in the house of God, and as Kings we bear rule and influence in our sphere of contact manifesting glory, success and excellence. Being the head and not the tail. Refusing to accept or celebrate mediocrity. Becoming a leading success in your chosen career and endeavor.

As you attend HeavenWorld church, your call is to reign and not to live or accept a life of defeat and misery. Forget about the limitations you have faced in the past, God wants to do a new thing. God loves you and cares for you and that is the reason He directed your feet to HeavenWorld church. You will not only experience a testimony for any difficulty in your life when you come to HeavenWorld, but you will become a testimony in your world. There are testimonies of those whose lives are better today than it was yesterday since joining this vision. Yours can happen even faster.