Anywhere we serve and no matter the capacity we serve, it must be characterized by these three values.. excellence, purity and passion.

We believe our God is God of excellence and we are created in His image and likeness. Shabbiness, disorderliness and careless attitudes do not portray excellence. Excellence is our culture in HeavenWorld church. We are not talking about perfection. In perfection there is no room for improvement but in excellence there is plenty room for improvement. In fact, there is a problem with people who think they are perfect. There is always a better way of doing what you are doing now. It means if you must be an effective member and worker in HeavenWorld church, you must be someone who craves for excellence… not “anything goes”. Excellence is about being teachable, flexible and malleable. When we lack these ingredients we become a clog in the wheel of progress of the church. You must be open to new ideas, never assume you are a professional in what you are doing and so nobody can possibly tell you what to do. That is a pathway to disaster. Be like a child, be humble and God will take you from glory to glory in HeavenWorld church

As a member or worker learn to task the mind of Christ which is in you. You can come up with excellent ideas, creative solutions and innovations that can revolutionize your department and HeavenWorld church at large.



We believe in purity both inward and outward. Again when it comes to sexual purity we don’t want to compromise. Because we are aware of the disaster it creates both at a personal level and corperate level. Don’t adopt this permissive lifestyle in the world today that’s wrecking havoc in many lives and homes. It can destroy every beautiful thing in your life. Don’t be decieved. Don’t keep saying God understands. No, by God’s grace you can overcome any habit or lifestyle. Don’t say you are under grace, if you are under grace that sin will not have dominion over you.

Your service to God will be more enjoyable if you’re are doing so with both your heart and your body. If you are battling with any sexual sin or habit we don’t condemn you. Schedule meeting with the pastor, he will pray and counsel you and God will set you free so that you can serve God in HeavenWorld church with a clear and good conscience. Ladies who are real members are meant to dress decently. As a member of HeavenWorld church always desire and pursue a life of purity both in secret and in the open. it pays and you will be great testimony to those around you.



It is a beautiful thing to be passionate. Passion is the juice of life. Many people are not internally motivated. Somebody must push them before they get to do anything or get involved with anything. That is why we are explaining the vision of HeavenWorld church so that you can understand it and run with it. Don’t be a cold member, serve God with passion and zeal. A passionate person is always willing to do anything to help. He is self sacrificing, willing to inconvenience Himself or herself just to ensure the system or the department he finds himself works. He is not so much interested in what others are doing, he is much more concerned about giving his best to the organizational goals and vision.